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The Clinton Foundation is my second greatest greatest achievement.  Can you imagine how I used my office as Secretary of State to steer hundreds of millions of dollars to my family foundation under the guise of helping the needy.  The American Public learned a new phrase while I was Secretary of State, “Quid Pro Quo“.  It may be fancy Latin but it means I traded something for a favor in return.  If you sent millions to the Clinton Family Foundation you could get an appointment to see me and ask for something for your country.  I feel like I am running a Family Corruption Enterprise.  What a racket I had.  Really got away with a big one there.  I think even Bernie Madoff would be proud of me.

Quid-Pro-Quo, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it is,  “Something for Something”.  Another definition is, Commutation, an exchange or trade.  Here’s how Hillary used it.  If you wanted something from the U.S. State Department you would contact the Clinton Foundation, then Huma (working for the State Department, the Hillary Foundation and other companies at the same time) or another Hillary associate who would advise and ask you how big of a donation you were willing to make to the Foundation.  Isn’t it normal for a Foundation to act as the appointment secretary of a Department of the U.S. Federal Government? This determined whether you got an appointment or you were told to pound sand.  Then the Foundation employee would tell the State Department that so and so person had tithed, paid hommage, greased the palm, been extorted but generally passed the, I would love to make a donation, test.  This is how you got in the front door of the U.S. State Department.

Bernie, You Are An Amateur

Uranium One:  Need I say more?  Money, Money, Money.  Probably the biggest cash cow of all times.  I really worked it.  You know my job as Secretary of State and the unofficial relationship with my Clinton Family Foundations.

Has anyone ever heard of the concept of “Dereliction of Fiduciary Duty”? This means that a person must act in the best interest of the people that employed them. Even though Hillary worked for the State Department of the United States of America, she was actually working for the American People. She wasn’t supposed to be working for the benefit of her Corrupt Family Foundation Enterprise because that is considered self-serving and is EXACTLY what a Fiduciary isn’t supposed to be doing.


Definition:  the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing (used especially of an act in violation of a public trust)

What have we got so far?  1. Dereliction of Fiduciary Duty        2. Malfeasance     3. Political Corruption  4. Violation of several dozen Federal Crimes  5. All that Quid Pro Quo money.

This next crime is so beyond belief.  If it weren’t true and their being so many documented cases nobody would believe it.  Following are a few words that describe her actions.

Gall – Nerve – Brashness- Acrimony- Animosity – Arrogance – Brazenness – Chutzpah – Conceit – Effrontery – Guts – Impertinence – Audacity – Temerity – Vitriol – Impudence – Insolence – Malevolence – Cockiness – Disrespect – Nerve – Shamelessness – Malice – Pomposity – Presumption – Self Importance – Spite – Venom

The Synonyms for Gall hardly express the actions of one BRAZEN Hillary Clinton.  While you were working your 9-5 job, many making only minimum wage, Hillary was at the State Department supposedly to be working in the best interests of the people.  Yes that means ALL Americans NOT just for her benefit. 

All the while she was busy stuffing her mattress with millions of dollars in cash working on behalf of Foreign Nationals and Foreign Nations.

Here’s Bill With His Mattress Stuffed With All Of That Quid Pro Quo Money Of Hillary’s

This is called “Quid Pro Quo”.  You and I would call it bribery.  All the while smiling and going along as if nothing is out of the ordinary, because it wasn’t.  This is how she spent her time, jet setting all over the world.  She claims to be the most traveled Secretary of State.  No wonder she had to travel all those miles.  How else was she going to collect all of the “bribes” to take home to her mattresses.  Luckily she has a BIG house with lots of bedrooms.

And Here’s Hillary’s Mattress

Between Hillary’s stash at home and her Clinton Family Foundation, who was doing the same “Quid Pro Quo”, they amassed BILLIONS of dollars

Is it a coincidence that the Clinton Family Foundation’s donations have dwindles to a trickle when Hillary lost her bid to become the first Female President of the United States?  It’s no coincidence.  Hillary owed hundreds of Foreign Nationals and Nations big favors and now she couldn’t deliver.  If she were in the Mafia she would have been whacked by now.  Taking money and promising favors but not delivering.  That’s not nice Hillary. 

Hillary asking salesman, “How Much Money Does It Hold?” HILARIOUS

But you have the one thing you adore Hillary, and IT’S NOT BILL.  It’s all that money stuffed in your mattresses.

Now we shouldn’t say that Hillary wasn’t working hard.  She has shown up that she has the temperament to work like a dog as she exhibited on television.  She’s a trooper.

What Can You Say About An Exhibition Like This?  Is She A Dog Of A Candidate???

Anytime that I’m not breaking laws I believe that you need to be uncivil with those who don’t agree with your politics.  See what I have to say about that below.

Is This The ONE Device I Used Or Not???

Now the Grand Daddy of them all, my private email server.  If you had done what I did you would already be serving a life sentence of hard labor.  Because I am in the Upper Tier in the Justice System, I can’t be touched.  If anyone tried they would face the wrath that I am known for.  Remember “I only used one device”.  I knew I was setting up my own private server to SCAM the system and violate the Federal Records Act but who cares?  I just don’t have to follow the rules if I don’t want to.  If there is NO INTENT, there is no crime.  It’s not gross negligence just a little bit of extremely carelessness.  With friends in high places you can get away with murder.  I’m so lucky to be above the law.

Got Away With It, Thumbs Up AGAIN!!

I deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails and got away with it.  I’m just laughing at the legal system.  Even China couldn’t find the lost emails.

It’s just about time to think about making a purchase of the coupon booklet.  It’s just $12.99 plus .99 S&H and you will get a laugh, especially if you try to use it.  Remember it’s your only chance to be Untouchable, like Hillary.  It’s the “Hillary Exception” coupon booklet issued by the “Two-Tier Justice System” Advisory Council of the United States of America. It couldn’t be more official if we tried. Please remember all your friends that you think might be predisposed to getting into legal trouble.  They absolutely need these coupons.  Your purchase or donation are not considered a gift to a charity.  We are selling Coupon Booklets and collecting Donations to benefit Republican Causes.

C’est La Vie – That’s Life



If you’ve ever been harassed by the police, yanked out of bed in your pajamas, dragged out of your workplace in handcuffs or arrested for an outstanding warrant then you know the power of the legal system.  This is a legal system that I am immune to.  I can’t be touched. 

Have you been served legal papers to appear in court?  Have your records been subpoenaed?  Did officers take away your computers and all of your electronics?  I bet they took away all your guns too.

Remember I only turned over the records that I wanted them to see.  I destroyed the others and then Bleach Bit my hard drive.  Do you think you could get away with that?

I’m Going to Do What I Want, Stop Asking The Same Question.

What you need is a way to become immune to the harassment of the legal system.  Previously your only choice was the Get out of Jail Free card from the Monopoly Board Game. How well could that work?

But things could change for you.  Even if you are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic despicable person you can join the Top Tier of “The Two-Tier Justice System”

Jeez, It Was A Nothing Burger, Get Over It

If you are a proud person who has been pigeon holed into a category like a “Basket of Deplorables”, “Smelly Wal-Mart Shopper”, “Despicable Persons”, “White Supremist”, “Skin Head”, “Gun-Toting”, “Bible Thumping”, or any other insulting generality now you can stand up and be recognized as a human being eligible for ALL of the benefits of the legal system of the United States.  One of those benefits is to become immune to prosecution or any trappings of the laws.  You achieve this by becoming a, Friend of Hillary, and member of the Upper Tier in “The Two-Tier Justice System”

Believe Me When I Say You Can Have It Too

The sale of the coupon book is to benefit the RNC, Donald Trump 2020 Campaign, State Republican Committees and a few of the largest Conservative Organizations in America.  A donation in your name will be made to the GOP in your State from the purchase of your Coupon Booklet.  We want to make it clear that the “Two Tier Justice System” Advisory Council will retain a portion of all sales.  Purchase more than one, hand them out at the office, church, and family gatherings.  Some of you might have friends or family that are incarcerated.  If you know someone that has tickets, a warrant, or going to a Justice or Small Claims Court, get them a Coupon Booklet and you might just save them from the wrath of the law.   Just think of the joy and smiles they would get if they received a “Hillary Exception” I’m Above The Law Coupon Booklet in the mail.


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