“Dirty Dozen”

Hillary’s “gang” make the criminals below look like angels.



aka High Crimes and Misdemeanors Deptartments

Hillary and her band of Merry Men and Women are well known in the “Above the Law” circle.  This list should be of no surprise to anyone.  They have been breaking laws for decades.

Hillary, the all time leader of the gang.  And her baker’s dozen.

  • State Department / Clinton Family Crime Foundation Division
  • 1. Huma Abadin
  • 2. Cheryl Mills
  • 3. Heather Samuelson
  • 4. Bryan Pagliano
  • Department of Justice / Attorney General’s Office
  • 1. Loretta Lynch
  • 2. Rod Rosenstein
  • 3. Sally Yates
  • 4. Bob Mueller
  • FBI / Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • 1. James Comey
  • 2. Amdrew McCabe
  • 3. Peter Strzok/Lise Page
  • 4. Bruce & Nellie Ohr

Honorable Mentions: Can’t Leave These Winners Out!

  • Obama Administration & National Intelligence
  • 1. Barack Obama
  • 2. Susan Rice
  • 3. James Clapper
  • 4. John Brennan

There are really many many more that should be added to the list but that baker’s dozen of Hillary’s gang really take the cake when it comes to breaking Federal Law.  Didn’t Jeff Sessions say that he was going to go after gangs in the USA?  How did he miss this such obvious one?

Attn: Current Attorney General, We had a vicious gang running rampant over the laws of the United States.  What are you going to do about it?  We want answers!!

Well, Jeff Sessions is gone without any action on this notorious gang of criminals.  Let’s wait and see what the next Attorney General might do.  Don’t hole your breath waiting for any indictments.

I”m not going to be PC as I will just refer to Hillary’s gang as her band of merry men (I know some are women).

Huma Abedin

We can start with one of Hillary’s most conniving co-conspirators, Huma Abedin.  What hasn’t this broad done?  Working at the State Department as a SGE (special government employee) with Top Secret clearance, working for Teneco and working for the Clinton Foundation all at the same time.  Does anyone see a conflict here?

Huma also knew that she was using clintonmail.com to transmit Top Secret information, and was storing this information on a personal laptop which was also used by her “sexual predator” husband Anthony Weiner.  Then she was deleting the Top Secret markings and forwarding the secrets.  Talk about bold and brazen.  But James Comey said that she didn’t understand what she was doing so there was no “intent”.  Does that sound familiar to anything else we’ve heard from Comey? She didn’t even know what the word “skiff” was and what it was meant to be used for.  Huma got SGE clearance to handle Top Secret documents. How could she not know what she was doing. Everything that Hillary gang members did was done with a specific goal in mind. 

Now she goes before the FBI and lies but is still granted immunity in the Clinton email server fiasco.  Flynn didn’t lie and he’s going to jail.  Now which one is a Democrat and which one is a Republican?  I’m sure that even an idiot can figure that one out.

Cheryl Mills

Cheryl Mills, what a gal.  Meet the mastermind behind Hillary’s massive email coverup.   Mills ultimately made the determination about which emails should be preserved under subpoena before she and Hillary decided to delete the rest as “personal”.  Let’s make this clear.  Mills decided what to turn over to the lawyers and what to hide.  She and Hillary hid the .clintonmail.com or hillaryclinton.com emails from the government stating that she didn’t remember if they were included.  The hillaryclinton.com email is where Huma acted as the go between for Clinton Foundation donors and the “pay for play” scandal.  This is the real reason Hillary set up the private email system in the first place.   Then the hard drive was wiped clean using BleachBit.  The link below takes you to the entire story.


Heather Samuelson

Heather Samuelson is another one of Hillary”s cronies.  It is unclear whether she had Top Secret clearance, however she was in charge of sifting through the laptop that contained all of the clinton.com emails that Platte River Networks downloaded.  Since no one was reading all of the retained email, there is no way to determine is Ms. Samuelson was retaining  email that contained government information.  She could have potentially, at the direction of Hillary, also be disregarding email pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and it’s relationship to the State Department.  After all this was one of the reasons Hillary set up the private server in the first place.

Bryan Pagliano

The Kabal @ The Top of The FBI