Randy Kaas is an entrepreneur, former founder of a chain of 29 kitchen utensil shoppes, several hot sauce and salsa kiosks, importer of kitchen utensils, exporter of kitchen utensils, designer and manufacturer of a line of kitchen utensils and avid poker player.

My satirical wit and dry sense of humor over the years has had everyone laughing in the aisles.  When The Russia Hoax by Greg Jarret hit the shelves I was steaming.  Not to say that I wasn’t infuriated with the DOJ before the book came out but that just put me over the top.

I had been saying for over a year that the Federal Government should issue every citizen a booklet of “get out of jail free cards” to level the playing.  Why should Hillary and her gang of cohorts be able to get away with breaking every law on the books and then getting immunity for providing NOTHING that would lead to the prosecution of anyone.

Then you get to the Hillary “interview” by the FBI on July 2, 2016 where she wasn’t under oath, nobody took notes, it wasn’t recorded, her lawyer (that had immunity) sat in on the meeting, and she couldn’t remember anything even her name.  Would you have been treated like that?  NO!!

July 5th, 2016 was the absolutely definitive day when it came to entrench the “Two-Tier Justice System”.  When James Comey laid out a prima facia case of violation of an armful of Federal Statues and Laws that Hillary had broken and then with one fell swoop and a smug face, exonerated and pardoned her.  There was no INTENT was his made up excuse. 

I had been saying for the last 20 years that we needed a businessman running the country because politicians don’t know anything about money and the economy.  Finally we got the correct man for the job.

Therefore I am going to continue to write satire about the DOJ, Obama Administration and the outrageous “Two-Tier Justice System” until someone in the Government makes change so that the elite don’t get special treatment.

I will be donating a portion of the $13.99 to the RNC, State Republican committees and a list of Conservative organizations.  Please spread the word across Social Media so that we can sell over 1 million pamphlets.

Thank you, Randy Kaas